Pirwa Hostels Franchises

The process is simple: after meeting with you during a site visit, one of our directors will outline the responsibilities of the franchisee and the head office, and if agreement is reached the normal legal process will commence.

Join Pirwa Hostels

With most new businesses, building a reputation takes a considerable amount of time and money, but you can ameliorate this by teaming up with an established name, product, and service. Pirwa Hostels has grown substantially over the last decade, spreading throughout Peru and into Bolivia thanks to a careful attention to customer satisfaction and a variety of offerings which address our guests' needs.

Pirwa Hostels offers a yearly hostel franchise, with an unlimited number of possible renewals for as long as you operate your business within the normal terms of the franchise agreement.

What we offer to you

  • NO Franchise Purchase Costs

    To become a Pirwa Hostels franchisee, you do not need to 'purchase' a franchise- there is absolutely no "brand purchase" cost required. In fact, the only costs a franchisee would pay would be a modest monthly payment for shared marketing costs (with a short initial grace period).

  • Established Branding & Rapidly Growing Brand Profile

    With a decade of experience providing lodging and other travel services throughout Peru, Pirwa Hostels boasts a recognizable brand with well-ranked websites and travel blogs, frequently updated and engaging social media, and a presence on all major booking engines. As a franchisee, you'll have access to templates for signs and brochures, merchandise, and other brand products.

  • Global Marketing & Web Exposure

    Pirwa Hostels runs periodic advertisements through Google Adwords and on travel directories both in print and on the web, directing people to our main webpage with the address and contact information for your business.

  • Experienced Know-How & Yearly Analysis

    Learn from our tried and true methods! As a franchisee you'll receive expert advice on everything from hostel layout to suggested pricing strategies, based on demonstrated consumer needs. At least once a year, an expert from the Pirwa Hostels head office will visit your business and analyze your operation with you, helping you better your business operations to quickly increase profits.

  • Multiple Booking Engines

    Pirwa Hostels strives to provide potential clients with as many access points as possible. Thus, as a franchisee you have access to the world's top booking networks as well as our personal booking engines through our websites and social networks.

  • Integrated Booking System

    All of our hostels are connected through a convenient integrated booking system which allows reservations to be efficiently managed both from the head office and from the hostel itself.

  • Brand Standards & Quality Guarantee

    All of Pirwa Hostels' locations work together as a team to uphold the required brand standard, ensuring positive guest feedback and thus a steady stream of new and repeat clients.