Accommodation and tours for groups

Travel packages in a budget price

Why is Pirwa Hostels your best option?

We understand the concerns about planning a trip, so we created Pirwa Hostels Group and Pirwa Travel Group, to assist in the reliable planning of your trip. Our team is composed of the reservations department, who are ready to help with accommodation, and our travel consultants, who will guide you on questions related to sightseeing, transportation, budgets and group sizes. Pirwa Travel Group you will find the best tourist places to make your trip the most amazing experience.

Why choose Pirwa Hostels?

Wide Selection

Pirwa Hostels, with its mixture of private rooms and shared dormitories large and small, is especially suited for accommodating travel groups. You'll have a large selection of accommodation available to you during your trip through Peru and Bolivia.

Personalized Service

The Pirwa Hostels team wants to ensure that each person in your group enjoys your Peruvian and Bolivian vacation to the fullest, so we'll be consistently checking in with you as you travel between Pirwa hostels to make sure that your stays are pleasant.

Extra Services

We can help ensure that your trip runs smoothly through extra services such as pick-ups from airports and bus terminals or, in the case of select cities, offering meals for your group.

Special Group Rates

For groups of 10 or more, we can offer special group rates so that each individual in your group can save!

Full-Service Travel

We offer a complete service, from lodging to transfers, excursions, and various activities.

Budget Flexibility

With rooms available for all types of travelers, whether dormitories or private rooms, available with either shared baths or private, we can fit within any budget.